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191st FA Bn

Activation (1943) VE Day (1945)
1 Mar The 1st Battalion, 191st FA Regt, was designated the 191st FA Bn, located at East Garrison, Camp Roberts, California. Major Mack A. Goddard, commanding.
13 Mar Battalion left for Ft Ord, Calif., to practice for Bn Test I, returning on 15 March 1943.
21 Mar Battalion left Camp Roberts to take part in the Battalion Firing Tests. The Battalion bivouaced 1 mi W of East Garrison. The Battalion participated in Tests I II, II and returned to EastGarrison on 31 March.
15 May Major Mack A. Goddard promoted to Lt Col.
18 May Cadre 5065B of officers and enlisted men arrived in Camp Roberts, California from overseas.
20 May Brigade Field exercise at Hunter-Liggett Military Reservation practiced by Battalion, including night occupation.
7 June Brigade Field Exercise for 3 days at Hunter Liggettt Military Reservation.
26 July Battalion received 12 new howitzers.  155mm Towed Howitzer Page
11Aug Cadre 5065B which had been attached to this unit, transferred from the Battalion to Fort Ord, California.
13 Oct 191st FA Bn participated in Corps Test at Hunter Liggett Military Reservation from 13 Oct to 16 Oct. Battalion score was 88.75.
6 Nov Cadre 2250-A transferred to 6th Hqs and Hqs Det, Special Troops, Third Army, Camp Maxey, Texas.
3 Dec AGP Inspection.
24 Feb 191st FA Bn Troop Train left East Garrison, Camp Roberts, California for the Louisiana Maneuver area to take part in last phase of the 4th Army Maneuvers.
1 Mar 191st FA Bn Troop Train arrived at the Camp Polk detraining station and established bivouac area near the camp.
1 Mar Relieved of assignment to III Corps and assigned to 4th Army.
3 Apr 4th Army Maneuvers concluded.
4 Apr Battalion left bivouac area near Lama, Louisiana, for Camp McCain, Mississippi.
5 Apr Arrived Camp McCain, Mississippi.
17 Apr Battalion fired Army Ground Forces Tests 17th, 18th and 19th Apr.
21 Apr Results of AGE Tests for 191st FA Bn: Test 1 67.3; Test II 78.26; Test III 94.7.
26 Apr Battalion assigned to Third United States Army
1 May Battalion received rating of excellent in its manner of performance during 6th Manuever Period of the Louisiana Manuevers.
16 May 191st FA Bn attached to XII Corps. 
21 Jun Battalion left Area 5, Camp McCain, Miss. by rail.
23 Jun Arrived Camp Myles Standish, Mass.
30 Jun Battalion cleared area 2, Camp Myles Standish, Mass. and arrived at Port of Embarkation. Loading of troops at Boston Harbor on U. S. S. Wakefield. Battalion strength on board ship: Officers 28, Warrant Officers 2, Enlisted Men 484, (1 Officer, 1 Warrant Officer, 1 Enlisted Man in advance party).
2 Jul U. S. S. Wakefield pulled anchor, left Boston Harbor. 
9 Jul U. S. S. Wakefield docked at Liverpool, England. 
10 Jul 191st FA Bn boarded train at Liverpool and arrived at Camp Llanover, Wales.
10 Aug 191st FA Bn left Camp Llanover, Wales for Bridgeport. Column made up of 3 serials.
11 Aug 191st FA Bn arrived at Bridgeport and dispatched to marshalling area (Camp D-12-A, Area B).
12 Aug Battalion left marshalling area for Portland Harbor. Arrived at harbor and first vehicle loaded on LST at 0830.
13 Aug Vessels carrying personnel and equipment of the 191st FA Bn pulled anchor at Portland Harbor at 0709. Arrived at Utah Beach, France, at 2013. Unloading took place and movement made to Transit Area B.
14 Aug Battalion arrived at Transit Area B at 0350.
15 Aug Battalion passed through LeMans, France, and moved on to Challes.
16 Aug Battalion, under orders from Hq XII Corps, proceeded to St Hailiare and met by an agent, with orders for Battalion to move to a rendezvous area at Danze. Upon arrival there the Bn CO was notified of our attachment to 182 FA Group.
17 Aug Relieved of attachment to 182nd FA Gp and ordered by Hq XII Corps to move to position near Cloyes. Upon arrival at the rendezvous area the Battalion was again attached to 182 FA Gp. Battalion moved in the late afternoon to position near Villechevre.
18 Aug Closed position at Villechevre and went into another position to support the 35th Inf Div.
20 Aug Battalion relieved of attachment to 182 FA Gp. Attached to CCA, 4th Armored Division and 177 FA Group.
21 Aug Battalion left in column with CCA, 4th Armd Div to support establishment of bridgehead at Sens. Column passed through Sens, at 1925, and arrived in position near Saligny after 115 mile march.
22 Aug Battalion’s first prisoner taken by Bn S-40 and party at Villiers Louis.
23 Aug C Btry strafed by enemy planes. No casualties.
23 Aug Battalion howitzers fired for first time in France (Registration).
25 Aug Battalion moved in support of CCA in march on Troyes. C Btry attached to 66th FA Bn. Battalion fired 14 missions from position near city.
26 Aug Battalion moved to position east of Troyes.
28 Aug Battalion moved in support of 4th Armd Div. Drive on Vitryle-Francois, C Btry attached to 66th FA Bn. Objective taken and attack made on Chalons-sur-marne. Battalion occupied position east of the Marne near L’Epine.
28 Aug Lt A. T. Pumphrey, Liaison Pilot, wounded when his plane was attacked by two Messerschmitts.
29 Aug Attack launched on Chalons with little resistance.
31 Aug 40-mile march to establish bridgehead at Commercy.
1 Sep 50 enemy planes strafed and launched rockets at Battalion positions near Commercy.
11 Sep Moved from Commercy to support 4th Armd Div crossing of Moselle River. Battalion went into position at Preny.
13 Sep Battalion spanned river near Dieulourd, entering rendezvous area where strong enemy artillery fire was encountered. Later battalion moved with column to position near Chateau Salins.
14 Sep Battalion went into position at Arracourt.
20 Sep Battalion fired on enemy tanks approaching our position and forced to abandon positions.
24 Sep A Btry suffered 9 casualties from heavy enemy shelling; forced to move to new position. One Officer killed directing fire on enemy tanks, (1 st Lt Roberdeau Drury, who received Silver Star (posthumously) for his outstanding bravery was against enemy fire).
3 Oct Battalion passed through Arracourt to occupy old position.
5 Oct  Heavy enemy counter-battery. 1 officer, 2 EM killed, 2 EM wounded. Battalion abandoned positions, moved NW of Arracourt.
13 Oct 1 Enlisted Man killed, 1 Enlisted Man wounded during enemy shelling of A Btry.
22 Oct Battalion placed in general support of 26th Inf Div
31 Oct Battalion moved to Leyr, France, to support 35th Inf Div attack.
8 Nov Battalion supported 35th Inf Div attack with a preparation and several missions on call.
10 Nov Battalion joined 4th Armd Div at assembly point near Hoeville, France.
11 Nov Battalion passed through Chateau Salins and halted at Hampont. 
12 Nov Battalion advanced with 4th Armored Div to Lidrequin, France.
19 Nov Attack renewed. Battalion displaced to Rodalbe, France.
21 Nov Battalion displaced to Virming, France.
22 Nov Battalion attached to 183rd FA Gp reinforcing CCA 6th Armored Div. Advanced to Hemering. 
23 Nov Battalion moved in position at Freybouse, France, encountering heavy enemy counter-fire. No casualties.
28 Nov In position at Leyviller, France. Headquarters Battery wire truck hit mine, 6 enlisted men seriously wounded.
12 Dec 1 Officer, 10 enlisted men, A B try, injured during burning of building.
15 Dec Battalion relieved of attachment to 183rd FA Group. Reattached to 182nd FA Group, in general support of 35th Inf Div.
16 Dec Marched 35 miles, 1½ miles SW Bliesbrucken, France.
21 Dec Schrondweiler, Luxembourg, to support Sixth Armored Div in its mission of stopping German counter-offensive. Battalion reattached to 183rd FA Group.
Battle of the Bulge Links: 1, 2, 3, 4
29 Dec 5th Inf Div relieved 6th Armored Div; Battalion attached to 182 FA Group, reinforcing fires of 50 FA Bn, of 5th Inf Div. Other 5th Infantry Link
31 Dec More than 12,000 rounds of ammunition fired by Battalion in December.
17 Jan Battalion moved to Schieren, Luxembourg, to support 5th Inf
22 Jan Battalion notified to prepare to meet enemy tank threat.
25 Jan 1 officer slightly wounded from shell fragment.
30 Jan Battalion moved to Schlindermanderscheid, Luxembourg.
5 Feb Battalion moved to Consdorf and Berdorf.
7 Feb 5th Inf Div started attack across Our River, Battalion firing in Div attack. 
17 Feb First Battalion vehicle entered Germany over Our River at 1003, following 5th Inf Div attack. CP established at Ferschweiler during heavy enemy shelling of Battalion area.
21 Feb Battalion moved to Freilingerhohe, Germany.
26 Feb Battalion crossed Prum River following 5th Inf Div attack of the 24th, to go into position at Bettingen, 
27 Feb Battalion moved to Oberstedem, Germany, and Esslingen following day.
6 Mar 5th Inf Div combat team massed on Battalion vehicles to start drive with 4th Armd Div to Rhine. Battalion established CP at Pickliessen, crossing. Kyll River.
7 Mar Battalion displaced to Oberkail, Germany.
9 Mar Battalion moved to Manderscheid, Germany. Battalion credited with knocking out 3 enemy guns.
10 Mar 31 mile march to Landkern, Germany.
14 Mar 1 officer wounded in action.
15 Mar Battalion in general support of 4 th Armd Div. Reattached to 177th FA Gp. Crossed Moselle River at Karden. 1 enlisted man wounded, 1 tractor damaged due to firing in woods, in drive toSimmern.
16 Mar 27 mile march to Huffelsheim, Germany. 2 bombs dropped by enemy planes. No casualties. Firing batteries strafed. 2 planes shot down.
18 Mar Nahe River crossed by Battalion at Bad Munster, established CP at Frei Laubersheim.
20 Mar Battalion marched through Alzey and Pfeddersheim in 4th Armd drive on Worms. Battalion took 80 prisoners. CP established at Pfeddersheim.
21 Mar Worms officially taken.
22 Mar Battalion displaced to Lorzweiler, Germany, near Rhine river bridgehead. Reverted back to 5th Inf Div to support crossing.
24 Mar Battalion joined 4th Armd Division’s CCB. First Battalion vehicle crossed Rhine river at 1900. Three enlisted men woundedduring enemy bombing.
28 Mar Battalion crossed Main river at Gross Auheim; passed throughHanau; established CP at Gobelnrod. Marched 58 miles. TwoAmerican PWs freed by Battalion.
29 Mar Battalion marched 20 miles to Lauterbach.
30 Mar Battalion marched 21 miles to Beiershouse.
31 Mar One enlisted man killed, two 1/2Ton vehicles destroyed, by enemy tank.
1 Apr 25 mile march to Ifta. Enemy machine gun put out of action by our fire during course of march.
2 Apr Two enemy planes shot down over our position. One enlisted man evacuated due to wounds. Battalion crossed river at Cruezberg.
3 Apr Battalion marched to within 1 mile of Gotha.
4 Apr Gotha surrendered. One enlisted man wounded during air attack. Battalion howitzers destroyed 1 two-motored bomber and destroyed or damaged 6 fighter planes on ground. Battalion moved through Gotha. During march Battalion destroyed enemy train.
6 Apr Battalion moved to Schwabhausen. Battalion attached to VIII Corps and 4th Armored Div. Further attached to 174 FA Group.
7 Apr Battalion personnel visited Ohrdruf Concentration Camp.  Ohrdruf Page
8 Apr Battalion in position near Ohrdruf, Germany.
15 Apr Battalion crossed Saale River at Kahla.
17 Apr Battalion passed through Greiz and established CP at Oberneumark.
18 Apr Battalion marched 67 miles to Kl Stadten, received mission of general support of 6th Armored Division and assigned to 1st US Army.
24 Apr Battalion moved to Narsdorf, Germany. As of 0600 60,706 rounds fired since landing in France.
27-28Apr  March of 104 miles to join 1st Inf Div near Selb, Germany. 
29 Apr Czechoslovakia entered 1130 at Asch. CP established at Lindau.
30 Apr 5 enlisted men injured by anti-personnel mines.
2 May Battalion passed through Asch, Czechoslovakia, and marched 24 miles to Unt Triebel, Germany. Relieved of attachment to 1st Inf Div.
7 May Battalion notified of unconditional surrender of all German land, air and sea forces to AEF and USSR at 07 0001B May 1945 at Rheims, France, and will cease active operations at 09 0001 B May 1945. 


Approximately 3124 missions were fired against the enemy by the 19 1st in the ETO.

566 missions were flown against the enemy by the following named pilots:

1st Lt A. T. Pumphrey - 215missions
1st Lt John Hagan - 245missions
1st Lt Gordon L. Boyd - 106missions.

1st Lt A. T. Pumphrey and 1st Lt John Hagan joined their organization on the 13 of August 1944 by flying over the English channel.

Battalion casualties for the 191st FA Bn included 6 killed, 42 wounded and 1 taken prisoner.

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