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"My ability to maintain my faith in God and Country throughout these war experiences may have been impossible without the undying love, daily letters, and unfailing prayers of my beloved Eleanor, who waited for me at home.

"Daily, I kissed her picture and longed for the day we would be together again, marry, raise our family, and share the blessings of God. There could have been no greater motivation to survive.

"Because of her faithfulness then, and until now, through fifty-six years of marriage and fifty-five years of ministry for the Lord Jesus Christ, I dedicate these memoirs to her."


"My sincere love and deepest appreciation goes to my granddaughter, Kimberly Watkins, for her love, her dedication to this task, her hundreds of hours of transcription and editing, and her determination to motivate me to accomplish this work."

Barrett James Whiteley

Note from the Transcriber

"It has been almost two years since Grandpa and I began to talk about putting these memoirs together, and what a journey it has been.

"My only regret is that the readers of this will not be able to hear Grandpa's voice as I did on the cassette tapes as he recounted the stories; to hear the laughter when he told of the 'lighter' moments; to hear the pain when he told of the tragedies; to hear the love when he spoke of Grandma.

"I want to thank Grandpa for his hard work and dedication to completing what was certainly not an easy task for him, but something that is very important to all of us."

Kimberly Michelle Watkin

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