enjamin Lichty was born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in 1811 and died there in 1882. He apprenticed as a weaver at the age of 17. He moved to Ohio in 1832 and settled in Stark County. From 1836 to 1854 he lived in Bristol, Ohio in Wayne County. In 1854 he moved to Jackson Township and in 1860 he moved to New Berlin (now New Canton), both in Stark County. He later returned to Lancaster County.

Benjamin is descended from Henry Lichty.  His direct lineage is below.

The Coverlet - We do know that Benjamin used a loom that incorporated the Jacquard Attachment. This was invented in France by Joseph Jacquard and shown at an industrial exhibition in Paris in 1801. It arrived in America around 1820 and was used on hand-operated looms up until the Civil War.

Entire CoverletThe Jacquard attachment could be added to existing looms and was the first real automation of weaving. A series of pre-punched cards ran through a mechanical reader. Attached to the reader were lifters for the colored yarn. As each card went through the reader, the lifters determined what threads of yarn were lifted for each time the flying shuttle was sent through. The lifted threads sat above the white linen threads of the flying shuttle and created a pattern on one side of the coverlet. The threads that were not lifted, created a "negative" pattern on the other side of the coverlet. With each new pass of the flying shuttle, a new punched card went through the mechanical reader, lifting different threads. Slowly a pattern was built.

Name Block CloseupWeavers purchased these pre-punched cards, mixing them for different combinations of boarders, centers, and end-blocks. They also created cards for their own name blocks as Benjamin has done.

DetailThe rose, star, and eagle motif of Benjamin's coverlet shows up on many other coverlets woven in the 1840's, in different combinations of colors and other motifs.

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Benjamin Lichty's Direct Lineage

1 HENRY LICHTY b: February 05, 1731/32 d: February 05, 1813 Buried: Turkey Hill, ManorTwp., LancasterCo., PA

+BARBARA STICKLER b: October 06, 1735 d: October 06, 1822 in Turkey Hill, Manor Twp., Lancaster Co., PA, USA m: April 17, 1753

2 SUSANNA LICHTY b: March 07, 1756 in Lancaster Co., PA, USA d: October 09, 1777

2 JOHN LICHTY b: December26, 1758 d:November 30, 1809

3 JOHN LICHTY b: December 07, 1785 in Pennsylvania d: September 19, 1856 in Tuscarawas Co., OH Buried: East Hempfield, Lancaster Co. Pennsylvania

+MAGDELENA BASSLER b: June 21, 1788 in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania d: September 23, 1822 m: February 16, 1809 in East Hemptield, Lancaster Co. Pennsylvania Buried: East Hempfield, Lancaster Co. Pennsylvania

4 JOHN LICHTY b: November 25, 1809 d: February 02, 1894 in Hastings, Berry Co., Michigan Buried Hastings, Berry Co., MI

4 BENJAMIN LICHTY b: August30, 1811 d: April 2O, 1882



+ELIZABETH SCHLOTT b: August 11, 1817 d: September 10, 1858 m: August 30, 1836

5 JACOB LICHTY b: January 07, 1838 in Bristol, Wayne County, OH

5 HIRAM LICHTY b: September 05, 1839 d: October 23, 1864 Buried: Zion’s Cemetery (location unknown)

5 SAMUEL LICHTY b: July 18, 1842 d: June 17, 1864 Buried: MT Cemetery, New Orleans, LA

5 DANIEL LICHTY b:MayO8, 1845

5 WILLIAM LICHTY b: November 19, 1847

5 JOHN LICHTY b: October27, 1853 d: September 09, 1854 in Bristol, Wayne County, OH

4 BARBARA LICHTY b: January 25, 1814 in Lancaster, Lancaster Co., PA d: October 05, 1906 Buried: Zion’s Cemetery, North Canton, Stark, OH

4 HENRY LICHTY b: March 15, 1815 d: January 12,1864

+ LYDIA SWARTZ-RABER m: March 12, 1837 Buried: Greetown Cemetery, Lake Twp. Oh

4 JACOB LICHTY b: January22, 1818

4 CHRISTIAN LICHTY b: February 12, 1819 d: July 14, 1821 Buried: East Hempfield, Lancaster Co. Pennsylvania

4 SAMUEL LICHTY b: September 1822 d: October 08, 1822 in East Hempfield, Lancaster Co. Pennsylvania

*2nd Wife of JOHN LICHTY:

+MARY SCHLOTT b: April 23, 1795 in Lancaster Co., PA, USA d: July 13, 1873 in Tuscarawas Co., OH m: February 05, 1826 Buried: Stands Cemetery, Tuscawarus Co., OH

4 LYDIA LICHTY b: November 05, 1826 in Manor Twp.,Lancaster Co.,PA Buried: Stands Cemetery, Tuscawarus Co., OH

4 MARTIN LICHTY b: February 11, 1828 in Manor Twp.,Lancaster Co.,PA d: March 15, 1828 in Lancaster Co., PA, USA

4 MARTHA LICHTY b: January 27, 1829 in Manor Twp.,Lancaster Co.,PA d: May 23, 1894 Buried: Carroll Cemetery, York, IL

4 ABRAHAM H LICHTY b: December 26, 1830 in Plain Twp., (Stark?) OH

4 SUSAN M LICHTY b: April 01, 1833 in Lake Twp., Stark Co., OH Buried: Dalton Cemetery, Wayne Co., OH


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